More about our approach

Changing the world, one site at a time…

We are a small organisation with offices in Derbyshire and Yorkshire. Created in 1998, the focus of our work is environmental, training and communication projects. We have an impressive track record of work involving community engagement, feasibility, consultation, fundraising, business planning, project management, mentoring, coaching, facilitation, monitoring and evaluation.

Our ethos is to offer clients the focus and care that only comes from a small organisation. We resist the temptation to take on more staff, preferring to deliver projects ourselves rather than become managers and salespeople. If a large project requires extra support, we can call on a pool of trusted associates including Charlie Falzon and Fiona Hesselden.

We in turn are associates of a number of organisations:
The Centre for European Protected Area Research (part of Birkbeck College, University of London), PLB, Red Kite Environment Ltd, Richard Robinson Consulting, and TellTale.
Simon Lees Project Trust
Simon Lees Dalriada Landscape Partnership
Simon Lees Europarc Seminar
Simon Lees Dalriada Landscape Partnership
Simon Lees Project Development