Our impact and approach

Changing the world, one site at a time…

In numbers
We have been through our files and accounts for the last 10 years, produced a big spreadsheet and have come up with some numbers that demonstrate our involvement in the following:

£145 million ~ the total investment in landscape, conservation and heritage projects that we have worked on.

£28½ million ~ the total sum of all the successful submissions where we have provided fundraising coaching, support and guidance.

2665 ~ people that we have engaged with, some more intensively than others, through a mix of meetings, coaching, training, consultation and conferences.

143 ~ different projects covering all parts of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

76 ~ the number of different public, private and voluntary sector organisations that we have worked with.

One working year, or just over 200 days, preparing tenders, attending interviews, generally jumping through hoops doing the procurement thing...

Created in 1998, we are a small business with offices in Derbyshire and Yorkshire with a focus on environmental, training and research projects. We have an impressive track record of work involving community engagement, feasibility, consultation, capacity building, fundraising, business planning, project management, mentoring, coaching, facilitation, monitoring and evaluation. Our ethos is to offer clients the care and attention that only comes from a small organisation.

Simon Lees HLF evaluation
Simon Lees Project Trust
Simon Lees Dalriada Landscape Partnership
Simon Lees Europarc Seminar
Simon Lees Dalriada Landscape Partnership
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