HLF Landscape Partnership Schemes

Where we can add value

The Heritage Lottery Fund’s Landscape Partnership Programme
We are currently involved with the Landscape Partnership Programme in a number of ways, both working with HLF at a national level and also mentoring and monitoring individual partnerships (for further information on our involvement to date have a look at our ‘current projects’ page. If you are developing or delivering a Landscape Partnership scheme we are in a position to help you in a number of ways:
Working towards a Round 1 submission
Our involvement with many partnerships over the last few years, and our engagement with HLF trustees, means we are well placed to advise on a scheme as you work up your Round One submission. Our input will increase your chances of moving on to Round Two.
Stage Two ~ Preparing a Landscape Conservation Action Plan
Since 2009 landscape partnerships have been asked to submit an LCAP as the core element of their round two submissions. LCAPs are not just produced for the benefit of HLF – they need to speak for the landscape itself, explaining what makes a place distinctive, and identifying how that place can be better enjoyed and looked after.

We endorse the LCAP ‘philosophy’ and have assessed a number of LCAPs and also contributed to their development. We can help you ensure your LCAP is a useful, working document adaptable throughout the lifespan of your partnership, not just a way of jumping through HLF ‘hoops’.
Evaluating your Landscape Partnership Scheme
Evaluation can help you deliver a really good programme, especially if you start the process early on and involve and motivate partners and those leading individual projects. CTP carried out a national evaluation of the LP programme, and prepared the LP evaluation guidance. We would be happy to provide you with a quote or relevant tender documents so if you think you might need help with any aspect of evaluation, please get in touch.