Accessing External Funding

helping support AONB Management Plan projects

Accessing external funding to support AONB Management Plan Projects, helping to diversify your income base.

Offer: in the context of your current management plan we are offering a package that would:
  • Audit your programme of work with a view to identifying the opportunity to diversify your income base
  • Support and empower your staff and/or partners to begin to deliver it.
  • Thirdly, provide access to a bespoke fundraising service
CTP Fundraising
Part One ~ opportunities for diversifying income: audit and prioritisation
  • A Summary document listing projects in your management plan prioritised for funding opportunity against a list of potential funders
  • A sense of focus: where to allocate time and resources when it comes to identifying alternative income sources
Part Two ~ personalised one day training session for key staff and partners
  • Acquired knowledge of the wider funding landscape and potential funders though the development of a bespoke list of suitable trusts and foundations
  • Been introduced to a framework for presenting proposals and selecting suitable funders
  • Learnt to identify project Unique Selling Points
  • Begun to develop a worked up project proposal for an identified trust or foundation
  • Staff and partners will have been introduced to good fundraising practice contributing to personal and professional development
Part Three ~ a bespoke fundraising service

Depending on selected projects from phases one and two there is an opportunity to retain our services in a mentoring and coaching role providing a critique of proposals to help access the identified funding opportunities from external funders including trusts and foundations. This service would be by negotiation depending on your needs.